Sunday, February 18, 2018

Physics Term Test

G9 March 12, 2018 Term Test 
You can alwasy check the remaining days in our webpage.  
 What to study 
1. Correlation and Causation
2.Development of Hypotheses
3.Scientific method
4.Testing Hypotheses

Physics Homework

What to do
Choose an experiment which you believe that you can do. (It should be related with physics)
How to do
Apply the scientific method.
How to present and share with teacher 
You can either
make a poster and hand in
use google docs and share by using gmail
use google slides 
and share by using gmail
use your notebook and hand in *handwriting should be neat
what is the due date?
February 26
what if I have more guidance or questions
See Mr.Ibars

Friday, February 9, 2018

Please Encourage My Children to Science and join in the competition. 
Mad Scientists Photo Contest - from G1 to G12 - Due date is Ferbruary 22.

Mad Scientists Photo contest:In this activity, parents will participate together with their kids. All you have to do is to be creative and send us the craziest photo (science related: sample) of you, your child or your family. You can use costumes to make the picture more scientific.You will be competing in two categories as Primary and Secondary.  Parents can upload the photos to the Mad Scientist Photo Contest Form. You can upload more than one picture. Please read the details and the requirements written on the form. This activity is an optional activity is for G1 to G12 students and parents. The due date for this contest is February 22.

Photo submission link  For Mad Scientists Photo contest

Science Photo Contest - from G7 to G12 - Due date is February 21 Tuesday

This activity offers secondary(G7 to G12) students an opportunity to show their creativity in a scientific field from a water drop to a rainbow, from a bubble to light, from biology to astronomy, anywhere and everywhere, we are exposed to science. Each student can submit more than one photo. You can send the photos by uploading the following link. Please read the details and the requirements on the link below. The images which will meet the criteria in the link will be submitted to an online science photo contest called MILSET. The others will be evaluated internally. The due date for this activity will be February 21 Wednesday.

Photo submission link for Science Photo Contest

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November Art Updates

Grade 9 art students have finished up their first art project.  In this unit they learned two techniques to use for creating representational portraits - proportions and the grid technique.  They used both of these in short exercises with a selfie they took during class.
They chose the technique that they preferred and created a full, B4-sized portrait in pencil.  They then developed their work using 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils to add value to the features of their subject - shadows, textures, and other details.  They did an excellent job of developing gradual tone in their drawings.

They are currently beginning another portrait; however, students will be working with mixed media in this piece and may choose to work with a different style if they like.  They began by choosing papers which they cut and collaged into their sketchbooks.  They will be using drawing, painting, printing, and even sewing to explore the effects they can get when working with multiple materials.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Monthly Musical Update

Dear Parents,

This month in Music Class, Grade 9 has continued to look at Music History and how advances in early technology made the spread of music possible throughout Europe and the Middle East.  We've also continued to rehearse our parts for Celebration of Learning, which will take place in December.

Musically yours,

Ms. Shay

Friday, October 27, 2017

Japanese October Blog

Dear Parents,

Group 1 
In unit 2, we learned numbers and prices. And practiced asking and answering questions.
これはいくらですか?- How much is this.
5,000えんです。- This is 5,000 yen.
We practiced asking and answering questions using Genki workbook unit2 for writing practice.

After the break we have a unit2 test.

Group 2
In unit 3, we learned verb conjugation (dictionary form, preset affirmative and present negative), particles (を、で、に、へ), time reference (), Suggestion using (~ませんか) and frequency adverbs (まいにち、よく、ときどき).
We practiced asking and answering questions using Genki workbook unit3 for writing practice.

After the break we have a unit2 test.

Group 3 
In unit 8, we learned Short forms (verbs, adjectives, nouns).
 Informal speech(two people who are close friends or family members speak with Short forms)
 ・「~とおもいます」- I think…
 ・「~といっていました」- They said…
 ・「~ないでください」- Please do not …
 ・「~がすきです」 - I like to do…
We practiced asking and answering questions using Genki workbook unit8 for writing practice.

After the break we have a unit8 test.

Group 4 
We use Minna no Nihongo textbook2 for Japanese grammar and Kanji Daisuki textbook for Kanji practice.
We learned

Quiz on every Monday
We have a vocabulary test every Monday
Group 1 is vocabulary test from Genki textbook unit3.
Group 2 is vocabulary test from Genki textbook unit 4.
Group 3 is vocabulary test from Genki textbook unit 9.
Group 4 is Kanji test.

This month all students made invitation card for sports day to their family. They wrote massages to their parents in Japanese too.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with me.

Ms. Shoko

Thursday, October 19, 2017

French Newsletter

Dear parents,

In October, we finished the first Unit. The goal of this unit was, firstly, to review the basics we studied last year. Moreover, since new students have joined Grade 9 this term, it was also a chance for them to catch up with their classmates. I am aware that it was quite fast and they may feel lost. But, even if they couldn't grasp the meaning of everything, this unit should have given them enough to understand the structure of French language and its characteristics.

In this unit, Grade 9 students reviewed or learnt how to introduce oneself, to describe onself and to describe clothes and colors. The students should be now more aware of how masculine, feminine and plural influence a lot French language.

I gave a quiz about this first Unit. The majority of the students chose the wrong answers. They have to take the time to think if it's an understanding problem, in this case, they should not hesitate to ask me whenever they don't understand something, or if it's due to a lack of efforts. Some students are not serious enough and easily distracted in class, but if they don't try and listen, they will keep struggling in French.

As an activity, I ask the students to create a superhero or superheroine, give him or her an identity, describe him or her briefly and, if they wish, to illustrate their creation. Some students did a good job at illustrating but should have been more focused on the introduction since the main purpose of this activity was, above all, to write full and correct sentences in French. However, some other students did a great job at both writing in French and illustrating.

Here are some students'work.